Cockapoo V2 Migration

As Cockapoo is getting ready to launch their mobile application “CPOO,” they are making strides to improve the currency’s security and adoption. Today we are releasing our migration to the new BSC contract. The older contract was a fork from Safemoon’s contract, which needs to be updated and improved. There are many beneficial reasons why Cockapoo is creating a new contract. The first is that the fees will be automatically disbursed instead of manually. This means the liquidity pool fee will be automatically deposited into the LP locker. The burn function will be automatic at the time of each transaction. Reflections to the holders will still remain automatic. The marketing and dev fees will be automatically deposited into separate wallets.

The second is to change the fee wallet function. Previously, many investors voiced their concerns about the fee wallet function stating that it looked like a “bot” on the live charts because it was selling 5 million CPOO every time. The team listened and decided that the fee wallet will sell in random amounts from now on instead of 5 million at each time. This will reduce the stress within the community and will not interfere when a spike is occurring with the price.

The third reason is to improve the contract’s security and score higher on Certik’s audit report. CertiK is the leader in blockchain security, conducting audits for blockchain protocols, wallets, DApps, and smart contracts. The report will identify any discovered vulnerabilities and classify them by severity (Critical, Major, Medium, Low, and Informational) and provide recommendations and how to address them. Cockapoo wants to ensure to its investors that their investments will be protected, safeguarded, and sheltered. By doing this, Cockapoo is assuring the public that it values transparency and security by displaying its eagerness to improve. On top of getting the audit report, Cockapoo is also receiving Certik’s Skynet. This is an intelligence engine that monitors the security of our project and smart contract 24/7.

Cockapoo prides itself on honesty and feels that it needs top blockchain security to secure its project and contract.

Lastly, it creates the ability to bridge to other networks such as ETH, POLY, AVAX, TRX, SOL, ADA, and FTM. People will be able to transfer CPOO from one chain to another as a result of this. This means that both chains can have distinct protocols, rules, and governance structures, but the bridge offers a safe way to communicate. Finally, the team of Cockapoo wants to make sure that future investors can have easy access to purchasing the token. By doing this, it opens many portals for people to own and trade the token.


Additionally, the new tokenomics will look different, and here is the new outlook.


10% BUY

-1 % Burn

-2% Reflect

-2% LP

- 4% Marketing

- 1% Dev

12% SELL

-2% Burn

-2% Reflect

-4% LP

-3% Marketing

-1% Dev

The team of Cockapoo has included a 1% tax for every transaction which will go into the Dev Wallet. The Dev Wallet is used to pay the team for the task they have completed. As the project keeps growing, it allows the company to add more skilled positions to help further the company’s productivity, quality, and longevity. The tokenomics will not be fixed or set in stone, and the percentages can be changed if the community chooses.

In conclusion, Cockapoo is getting a new contract because they are adding new automatic tokenomics, to improve security, to fix the fee function (pancake swap router “bot”), and to have the ability to bridge to all networks. The total supply will stay at 100 billion tokens; 60% of the tokens will still be burned. The devs will still only hold 5% of the CPOO supply, and the new liquidity pool distribution, burn function, and reflections will all be automatic. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to the pin messages on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because everyone will have to manually swap their tokens from the old address to the new address. If one does not, then the value of the old tokens will be worthless.




$CPOO is coming to change the meme-coin industry for good. With a commitment to long term profitability, we hope to change the way people look at meme-projects.

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$CPOO is coming to change the meme-coin industry for good. With a commitment to long term profitability, we hope to change the way people look at meme-projects.

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