Cockapoo Token ($CPOO) is coming to change the way we think about meme-coins.

Cockapoo Token ($CPOO), a new meme-based crypto project, is launching soon and aiming to forever change the meme-coin industry. With rug-pulls and pump-and-dump schemes becoming more and more prevalent in the alt-coin industry, the Cockapoo Token project plans to prove that the most efficient path to profitability is through a utilitarian approach; aimed at generating long-term, widespread profits to the token’s holders and community. By earning the trust and confidence of their community, the Cockapoo team believes they will deter pump-and-dump investors while promoting a long-term investment strategy to generate continuous growth and returns.

While this concept seems straightforward on paper, earning the trust of a community is another thing entirely in the meme-coin space. Many observably “reputable” projects have turned out to be no more than scams, profiting off the losses of their investors. In order to establish long-term credibility, the Cockapoo team plans to put their project through rigorous public audits, perfecting their code integrity to ensure that their holders are aware of the project’s commitment to success.

Aside from code integrity, a trustworthy project must be able to convey real-world utilities and applications in order to establish tangible value, a fact that the Cockapoo team is well aware of. With this in mind, the team is currently undergoing development of a mobile application that will directly utilize the $CPOO token for P2P payments (which can later be transferred into more liquid funds). The mobile application will allow its users (pet owners) to geotag any location where their pet (or other pets) have pooped, allowing other users to clean up the waste in exchange for $CPOO tokens. While walking their pets, many owners forget to bring cleaning supplies or simply do not have the time or desire to clean up after their furry friends. In turn, pet waste tends to overpopulate streets and parks, contributing to the spread of germs and pollution. With this mobile application, the Cockapoo team hopes to create not only a cleaner environment for the community, but also a new source of commerce and economic stimulus. Partial proceeds from the mobile application will also go towards community dog parks.

In addition the their mobile application, the Cockapoo team is also developing a NFT platform where users can directly share, buy, sell, bid, and collaborate on NFT projects. The platform is designed to resemble a social media platform that will efficiently facilitate interactions with NFT enthusiasts.

With their transparency in code integrity, community engagement, and innovation in related projects, the Cockapoo team aims to prove that the best way to create a successful meme-project is to do things honestly, fairly, and with the highest level of quality. When all is said and done, $CPOO may just be the project that forever changes the public perception of meme-coin projects, stimulating a new era in the industry.

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*As always, people may have questions as to the legitimacy of a project and its statements. The Cockapoo team is readily available to answer any and all questions from the community, honestly and transparently. Please contact info@cockapootoken for any questions you may have*



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$CPOO is coming to change the meme-coin industry for good. With a commitment to long term profitability, we hope to change the way people look at meme-projects.