Cockapoo Presale, Launch, Tokenomics

Presale FAQ

Q) When is the presale?


The token will be listed on PancakeSwap DEX after the sale is completed.
The initial price will be 8% more expensive. 1 BNB = 92m CPOO


Total Supply:
100 Billion/ 100,000,000,000) CPOO (100%)

Current Wallets

Contract Ownership

Contract ownership is not yet renounced as we wish to ensure that our fee structure effectively promotes project longevity and adaptability. Cockapoo is a comprehensive project, and as such is likely to benefit from flexibility in future developments. However, ownership will be renounced periodically when our tokenomics are determined to be efficient for $CPOO and our future endeavors.

Deflationary Architecture:

There is a 8% Fee applied to every transaction:
-3% automatically flows into a locked LP-Pool
This ensures that our Liquidity Pool is constantly growing, granting our community to make buy/sell transactions without a lot of slippage.
-2% gets re-distributed to $CPOO Holders, 1% get burned, 2% to operations & development.



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$CPOO is coming to change the meme-coin industry for good. With a commitment to long term profitability, we hope to change the way people look at meme-projects.